Wine Chips - Charcuterie Collection


Elevate your Easter offerings with Wine Chips. A perfect Easter addition to your wine shop, gift shop, tasting room, high-end, luxury retail, hotel mini-bars and gift baskets. Introducing The Estate Charcuterie Collection, a revolution in the world of Wine Chips designed to bring the classic charcuterie board to your wine pairing experience. Our team of culinary experts set out to replicate the nuanced flavors of the most popular meaty delights enjoyed with wine, and all are 100% vegetarian. The result? A stunning collection that defies convention, pushing the boundaries of the definition of charcuterie, with a commitment to taste and indulgence. First on the charcuterie-inspired journey is our Dry Aged Ribeye Wine Chip, a true game-changer. Infused with garlic, pepper, and char, this remarkable chip captures the essence of a classic steakhouse dinner, presenting a breathtaking parallel to the flavors of real steak. Treat your customers this Easter to savory Wine Chips!